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We are constantly on the go, doing our best to spread the good word of Operation Blue Shield through news outlets, radio, local gatherings and so on. Below, you will find a sampling of the work we do.



Admiral Sean Pybus

Serving a distinguished 37 year career in the Navy, Admiral Sean Pybus (Ret.) has lead and served in multiple joint special operations duty assignments and is the highest ranking Navy SEAL serving before his retirement. Admiral Pybus knew his calling to serve his country early in his youth. As a high school senior, Admiral Pybus applied to ROTC programs with the Army and Navy in hopes of getting a scholarship to pay for college and further his education. The Navy provided a scholarship, thus providing him the motivation for military service. Graduating from the University of Rochester in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and earned a regular Navy commission through Navy ROTC. Remarkably and shortly after graduation, Admiral Pybus became a Navy SEAL after graduating from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in December 1979 with Class 105; less than one year after earning his undergraduate. Decorated with honors, Admiral Pybus’ decorations include the Navy Distinguished Service Medal (Global War On Terrorism), Defense Superior Service Medal (Global War On Terrorism, three awards), Legion of Merit (Global War On Terrorism, two awards), Meritorious Service Medal (variously, three awards), and other honorable awards. Operation Blue Shield is honored to recognize Admiral Sean Pybus for his outstanding service to our country and commUNITY.


The Vice Admiral Sean Pybus challenge coin is very unique and represents the various Area of Operations (AOR) and units under the US Special Operations Command led by Admiral Pybus, Deputy Commander. The bronzed coin features five special operations, with the first being “Sine Pari” Latin for “Without Equal.” The distinctive insignia represents the 4th and 8th Military Information Support Group identification badge, which is the black sword overlaying a red spade. To the five o’clock of the MISG badge is the insignia of the United States Marie Corps Forces Special Forces Command; featuring the badge of the USMC of the Bald Eagle and anchor; centered with the image of the globe. To the five o’clock of the USMCSF insignia is the Air Force Special Operations Command emblem, a black shield containing the wings of an eagle, white (bronzed) sword which is centered and the Star of the US Air Force. To the four o’clock of the emblem is the United States Navy Special Warfare Command, with the distinctive bald eagle, anchor and pitchfork. To the three o’clock of the USNSWC, is the insignia of the Joint Special Operations, which contains four swords representing each unit aforementioned above.

On the obverse side of the coin is the logo of the United States Special Operations Command. This emblem contains the gold point of a spear, and is centered and encircled with the official title of USSOCOM. Operation Blue Shield is honored to be presented with such a coin, as the coin is only presented by the Deputy Commander as encrypted towards the outer ring, “PRESNTED BY THE DEPUTY COMMANDER FOR EXCELLENCE.”

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OBS and Anju teamed up to make dreams come true for many deserving young women at South Oak Cliff High School

DALLAS, TX — What teen girl doesn’t dream about the ‘perfect prom’? But for some local seniors, financial expenses sometimes prevent teenage seniors from becoming prom princesses. That’s why Operation Blue Shield teamed up with the Anju Group, a local Dunkin Donuts franchisee, that is developing South Dallas locations.

OBS and Anju teamed up to make dreams come true for many deserving young women at South Oak Cliff High School. More than 60 female senior students and their families were given the royal treatment at Friday night’s event. Attendees enjoyed a spread of tasty Dunkin Donuts baked goods provided by the Anju Franchisee Group. The highlight of the evening showcased seniors selecting from more than 80 brand new, designer prom dresses, donated from Carolina Herrera to BCBG Maxazaria, that were on display at the event. Operation Blue Shield made the night even more dreamy by underwriting a portion of the accessorizing.

“Through the support of our neighbors in the South Oak Cliff High School community, we continue the connection that brings us together” said Toni Pickens, Founder of Operation Blue Shield. “Our support of events like Prom Dress Night not only highlights the evening but strengthens our community ties. Potential new businesses like Anju’s Dunkin Donuts and their leadership work to create employment opportunities which help our communities grow strong and resilient”.

The royal treatment included everything but the crown, with plenty of threads to go around. How’s that for a happily ever after?

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Challenge Coin of The Week: University of Illinois Police Department



University of Illinois Police Department

Serving the locations of the University of Illinois; the University of Illinois Police Department is a 24-hour operation, with full arrest authority in any county where university property is located. In 2012, the department became the first university police system to receive accreditation through the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. Similar to traditional police services, but unlike traditional police departments, those services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the University of Illinois in a community-based manner meant to improve and maintain a healthy climate and quality of campus life. UI police patrol operations are the backbone of that effort. The most basic service any police department can provide is a quick response when someone calls 911. Our patrol officers do that and more. They are the first to respond when anyone needs an officer, and their careful documenting and monitoring of criminal activity in our area provides the foundation investigators and crime prevention experts need to take public safety one step further. In addition to responding to in-progress emergencies and other calls, their proactive policing efforts are what drives our community-based philosophy.

The UIPD has been serving, protecting and educating members of the University of Illinois community for years. Operation Blue Shield salutes the men and women of the UIPD police department for their efforts to bring UNITY to the commUNITY.


The coin has the UIPD badge centered on the obverse side of the coin and is encircled in white, blue silver and orange which represents the University’s colors. Engraved in the silver circle contains the official agency title, “UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS POLICE.” The UIPD’s six pointed start badge is centered with the circular title of the UIPD and cities served (Urbana- Champaign). “POLICE OFFICER” arches the centered circle inside the star. Directly centered is the Official State Seal of Illinois; an eagle, resting on top of a rock. In the eagle’s beak there is a banner with the state motto, “State Sovereignty, National Union.” The reverse side of the coin contains the image of UIPD’s patrol vehicle, centered and embossed in silver and orange accents. The outer circle of the coin is in blue and orange with the engraving of “JUSTICE – RESPECT – INTEGRITY,” the motto of the UI Police Department.

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Challenge Coin of The Week: University of North Texas Police Department


University Of North Texas Police Department

Established since 1970, the University of North Texas Police Department is a nationally accredited agency and serves an integral role in the City of Denton and is the University of North Texas principal provider of safety. The Department administers numerous services and programs that support the students and faculty safety and security. Likewise, the trained professional officers serve in a variety of roles and are available through many means. The department maintains a Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Unit, and K-9 Unit and is available to the University and staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The coin has the UNT PD logo on the obverse encircled in black with “PROFESSIONAL POLICE SERVICE SINCE 1970” written in gold along with four stars on each side of the encryption. Centered contains the department’s logo, with the University’s mascot, an eagle, and the State of Texas in red. The University’s official seal is located to the left, while “POLICE” is written in gold over the State, eagle and University’s seal, and “UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS” written towards the bottom. The logo on the reverse side of the coin contains the image of the Police Department’s badge, centered with a green background. Along the outer coin is a gold woven design and a black circle with the encryption of “UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS.” Four gold stars separate both sides of the encryption, and towards the bottom of the coin “POLICE” is written. Centered is the UNT PD badge, containing an image of an eagle, the University’s mascot, sitting above the University’s official seal. The flags of the United States and State of Texas cross each other. An image of the State of Texas in white is centered at the bottom of the badge, with the word “POLICE” arched on top of the badge.

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Larry “The Bearded Black Cowboy” Prayer/Cross Walks Across America


It is written that Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called Children of God. Larry, the Bearded Black Cowboy, believes that he has been called by God to spur a conversation between our First Responders and the community.


That this is a conversation that needs and must go both ways. Not only should our First Responders go into the community with a true message of peace and protection, the community must reach out to our First Responders with the same message


Larry is on a mission to carry this message, through prayer, to every police department in the State of Texas and one police department in every State. “After hearing this call to action, Larry is taking his message by means of a prayer/cross walk around police department buildings, squad rooms and parking lots across the state. He is encouraging neighbors and officers to join him in what he calls “Jericho walks.” OBS joins in his message of unity and reminds everyone that “We’re All In” together.

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Challenge Coin of The Week: Metro Transit Police Department


Metro Transit Police Department of Maryland – Washington DC – Virginia

Established in June of 1976, the Metro Transit Police of Maryland – Washington DC – Virginia has tri-state jurisdiction with responsibility for a variety of law enforcement and public safety functions in transit facilities throughout the Washington, DC and the metropolitan area. Better known as the “MTPD,” the department has 490 sworn police officers, 179 security special police, and 100 civilian personnel. Officers provide a variety of law enforcement and public safety services on the Metrorail and Metrobus systems in the Washington Metropolitan Area. MTPD has jurisdiction and arrest powers over a 1,500 square mile area that includes Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia for crimes that occur against Transit Authority facilities.

The MTPD is unique compared to other first responders. Accredited by the Commission On Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, new officers complete 23 weeks of initial training at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, who train side by side with 17 other law enforcement agencies in the Northern Virginia/ Maryland Area; then complete 15 additional weeks of training at the Metro Transit Police Academy. The MTPD is the only tri-jurisdictional police agency in the country and serves a population of 3.2 million. The MTPD has been recognized for it’s outstanding work and service in the community and commitment to safety. Operation Blue Shield salutes the MTPD for its outstanding work.


The coin has the Meto Transit Police logo on the obverse encircled in blue with the “METRO TRANSIT POLICE DEPARTMENT” written in gold. Centered contains the department’s gold shield. Sitting above is a gold bald eagle, symbolizing the Nation’s national bird with the arched “POLICE” written in gold. The blocked “M” is embossed in the center of the shield, with the “WASHINGTON METROPOLITON AREA TRANSIT AUTHORITY” circled. Three wheels are towards the bottom of the shield, representing the tristate of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. The logo on the reverse side of the coin contains the image of the bald eagle towards the top of the coin overlooking the official seal of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The blue ribbon contains “METRO POLICE TRANSIT” in gold, and the blue ribbon towards the bottom of the coin contains “MARYLAND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA VIRGINIA” in gold lettering.

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