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Our mission.

Operation Blue Shield, a registered 501(C)(3), is committed to creating, promoting and funding programs designed to bring about the progressive change, respect, trust and unity that our communities and our Nation so desperately need.

Our outreach programs connect, educate and empower community stakeholders (citizens, local businesses, public officials, non-profits, education, churches, first-responders and law enforcement) in a common goal of positive, forward-thinking social infrastructure changes. In doing so, we serve to unify these groups in a shared commitment to public safety, increased accessibility to homeownership, an increase in small business ownership, improved education and economic development (jobs).

Together, we can turn this around.

When we pull together as a single community, positive change happens. Strangers become neighbors and communities grow strong. This is what Operation Blue Shield is all about.

This is what happens when two worlds come together: citizens and first responders connecting with the community to rebuild bridges of trust, progressive change and unity which translates into safer communities and a safer America. Thanks to Dr. Phil, Arkansas Police Officer Tommy Norman, and Pastor Carter. 

A challenge we can overcome together.

America is facing a national crisis. For decades, an underlying erosion of trust in those who protect us has revealed itself in several national tragedies. Each tragedy has fanned the flames and underscores the need for a lasting solution that will help this country move forward.

Our Nation has seen these challenges before, and the time has come to take action. Operation Blue Shield is about citizens, local government officials, law enforcement and first-responders working together collaboratively to acknowledge and resolve the issues that keep communities in conflict.  Together, we can create an environment of cooperation, a shared vision of safe, thriving communities, and a better America for all.

How does this affect me?

Community Stability.

When you get involved, either through a generous donation or even participating in local discussions, you help us create an environment of “listening and learning” so your voice can be heard and solutions are created for the greater good.

Economic Growth.

As neighborhoods respond to proactive involvement from citizens and law enforcement “working together,” we come together to create a positive environment, ripe with business growth and much-needed new job opportunities.

Creating Cities of Opportunity together.

The sacred fabric of a city is defined by its people – people working together to build strong, healthy and happy communities, thriving with new job opportunities. Although every place is unique, there is a common formula to create “Cities of Opportunity,” and that formula starts with public safety. Public safety affects every person in every community, which is why citizens, governments, law enforcement and first responders must come together to reduce crime. As crime goes down, home ownership, small business activity, tax revenue and educational opportunities increase. These positive economic conditions enable mayors and city councils to reduce spending, expand revenues and deliver the vital goods and services that all Americans want and expect. Simply put, safe neighborhoods are successful neighborhoods, and we all have a role to play.

Safe Neighborhoods

Tensions Ease

Citizens Collaborate

Crime Decreases

Streets Become Safer

Confidence Improves

Community Investment

Citizens Take Pride

People Buy Homes

Small Businesses Thrive

Voters Get Engaged

Tax Revenues Flow

Economic Growth

City Services Increase

Companies Invest

Job Openings Increase

Education Improves

Everyone Wins!

Let's unite the Community.

Together, we can turn this around!

Community Engagement Outreach Programs

Operation Blue Shield (OBS) addresses the problems head-on. Through local OBS chapters, we work with businesses, church leaders, government officials, first-responders and our law enforcement community engage in productive dialogue. Our community engagement outreach programs begin with long-term realistic goals and committed leadership designed to foster a healthy exchange of ideas and understanding.

OBS donations provide funding and direction to improve your community:

  • “The Power of One” Speaker Series
  • Community Church Pulpit / Pastor Swap
  • Community Church Swap – Kids Edition
  • Murdock’s Army (our friendly mascot)
  • Operation “My Neighborhood Counts”
  • Beat The Heat / Goodwill In The Chill
  • And so much more!

Don't forget to join Murdock's Army!℠

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Supporting the brave who protect us.

We need your help to create meaningful, lasting change in communities around the country. Your donations enable Operation Blue Shield to organize unifying community events, and provide much-needed volunteer programs performed daily by law enforcement and first responders. Your financial contribution is both a “thank you” to those who put their lives on the line for our safety, and an investment in the growth and prosperity of your city. Your support can and will make a difference!

Your donations can go towards:

Athletic League Programs | Community Outreach | Afterschool Programs | Community Relations Training | Field Training | First Responder Equipment | Mentoring & Internships | Nature & Activity Programs | Protective Gear | Youth Crime Prevention Programs and more!

Are you ready to GO ALL IN™ with us?

Step up for your community!

Your generous donation helps us facilitate these critical, local conversations within our communities, as well as help the brave men and women in law enforcement and other emergency personnel who give of themselves to protect us.

Special thanks to our generous partners

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, the Texas Senate, and the Texas House of Representatives have endorsed Operation Blue Shield (OBS) by official Proclamation which were presented on the floors of the House and Senate, May 12, 2015.   Additionally, the House Select Committee on Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement supports the mission of OBS, stating, “It is the first step every city should take to build safe neighborhoods, create unity, and support law enforcement.” We are proud to work closely with the State of Texas towards our common goals!

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